Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I return, however briefly, to this blog. I have recently invested in a new pastime - pipe smoking. I grew up in a family of smokers, and yes I'm aware of the medical arguments against tobacco use, but I find a few things to be beneficial from such an up-taking.

Firstly, as it relates to this blog, I find that smoking a pipe keeps my hands (and mouth) busy, which seems to free my mind to peruse any variety of topics. Perhaps this blog will now be less neglected. Secondly, I find that I truly enjoy the taste of some tobaccos. I was introduced to a great blend (I forget the name, unfortunately) on New Years Eve. A fellow from the church we have been attending invited a number of guys to try pipe smoking with him - I accepted and was hooked. Finally, I enjoy the combination of nostalgia, craft, and manhood that pipe smoking represents. Some of the finest men in history were avid pipe smokers, and while pipe smoking is unlikely to place me anywhere near their status, it's a start.

More to come...hopefully soon...

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